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Thanks for visiting ciscoslanding.com. We have more experience in the watercraft rental than anyone else around the lake. We are entering our 11th year as a Concessionaire in the Bear Lake State Park Marina. Our business is on floats, attached to pilings in the Marina. We pride ourselves in awesome customer service. Our employees, the "Cisco Kids" are unsurpassed. The fuel dock sells only mid grade fuel with less than 5% ethanol. It is full service with some of the best looking kids on the Lake. Our most popular attraction is free. Feeding the Cisco carp. If the is anything we can do for you, just contact us.

See what we look like a few years ago. Click on the link below for a virtual tour


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There are basically two other permanent boat rental business on the Lake. We are all friends and work together and our prices are similar. I will describe Cisco's Landing operation and you make the comparisons.

  • We have been in business for 11 years and we know how to meet your needs
  • Cisco's is the concessionaire at the Bear Lake State Park Marina. There is an entrance fee but it gives access to all Park facilities and amenities
  • No need to bring a vehicle capable of towing and launching which is when damage occurs. We take care of you if the boat has any problems.
  • Our operation is on floating docks. No need to walk in the sand and water to get in and out of the boats. Folks that are handicapped can easily join everyone.
  • Don't just look at the price when deciding where to rent. All of our boats are Sea Ray's, 21', big I/O engines and towers. Safe, clean boats with plenty of room
  • The boats are fueled and an employee will fit you into a dry life jacket, describe boat operation and features, go over safety regulations and upcoming weather. They will make sure you are comfortable before you leave the dock.
  • Upon return you will be met by an employee at the fuel dock who will help you tie up, unload and fuel the boat.
  • Before or after you can check out the marina store/grill, get great food, snacks, souvenirs, ice, tackle , drinks. Feed the Cisco Carp, the highlight of every kids visIt.
  • The Cisco Kids are happy to share information about the lake and what to do when visiting or any information to make your trip memorable