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If you have clicked on this site you were probably expecting to see information about Cisco’s Landing.  If you have been here before, I thank all my loyal customers.

The concession lease expired at the end of 2014.  In September, proposals were submitted by companies interested in the Concession.  Obviously, I submitted mine, after being the concessionaire here for 11 years, I was confident of renewal.  I had made countless friends, provided family opportunities for residents and visitors and was a part of many memories made at Bear Lake.

037When the successful bidder BLH Enterprises (Bear Lake Funtime) was announced, I was in disbelief.  Utah State Parks and Recreation never bothered thanking me but just said I had to get my stuff out by January 30, 2015 or they would take possession of it.  Suffice to say, it was a task that only could be accomplished with great friends, family and good weather.  Everything is gone now.  I DO NOT recommend the current concessionaire for your Bear Lake activities.

As a licensed Coast Guard MMC Captain, I will be working with Epic Recreation this summer.  It is a first class operation with a number of sites around the lake.  In my opinion, they have the best equipment on the lake.  I will offer guided lake tours, guided fishing and Captain for hire activities through Epic Recreation.  If you book through them, just mention Cisco’s.  Visit their website for details.

I am also maintain a small company “Cisco’s” and I will also be doing water excursions, and a variety of other activities as time permits.  Call me personally at 435.994.1649 for additional information.

Thanks again for your support of Cisco’s Landing and the carp.

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